“Crowns At His Feet” Artist Print by Matt Philleo

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KavalonThatsMe‘s insight:

@DonnaBeads Matt Philleo is a fabulous new Acrylic Artist we have added to our website.  We were drawn to him not only because of the subjects and meaning of each piece, but because he uses a method of painting called "The Old Master’s Glazing Technique", which creates a rich, colorful surface that almost glows.  This, as Matt says, "Adds life to each painting…….the same as life, which has many layers."  He says that artists like Da Vinci, Rembrandt, and Caravaggio were known as powerful illusionists that could transform a two dimensional canvas into a three dimensional reality, something they owed in many ways to this glazing technique. In using this technique, the paint is thinned out by oil or a clear medium (to retain viscosity) and applied to a white or toned canvas. Several layers of colors may be applied on top of each other to achieve one final color.  Each painting he does has it’s own story, most of which are based on Biblical principles.  So without further ado, we introduce you to:

See on www.felixculpaartisans.com

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