Social Media Marketing Introductory #SupportSmallBiz #TMW

Introductory Pricing – New Customers Only

With our Social Media Marketing Packages we keep your twitter ads in circulation & we also promote you on: Facebook ,Pinterest, Google Plus, Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger, StumbleUpon, Reddit & 10+ Other Sites.

Includes Pinning Your Entire Website

Pinning your items onto group boards

Growing Followers On Social Networks

Bookmarking on 200 + Sites

Creating blog posts, using keywords

Getting you rated higher in search results

When you search for information on the internet, someone had to create the bookmarks to put them there! We do!

I provide targeted marketing practices for your sector

I gather your information & create advertising tidbits

Getting you clicks, traffic, interested consumers

I am one piece of the puzzle my service is great for getting leads on twitter, please interact with your followers.

Ignoring your followers is equivalent to them coming into your physical store and you ignoring them, they are not going to want to do business with you.

We also provide account management services, we can post on your social networks, we can walk you through and help to teach you about social media!

Talk, Follow, Network, Interact, Share!

This helps to create bookmarks, which makes you rated higher in

search results, easier to find, and more exposure.

8 Weeks Introductory Social Media Marketing $35

via Cost effective way to grow, hire, promote, advertise, for your brand and business! #SupportSmallBiz #TMW.


Social Recruiting – Get Your Job Posting Seen by More Candidates!

     We also promote job postings & offer recruiting services. 

  • Get Your Job Posting In Front of over 15 Million People with Snag-A-Job, Indeed, CareerBuilder, Craigslist, Twitter, Facebook, & More!
  • We assist you with finding  employees faster by using popular job boards, tweeting to over 500,000 followers, using applicable hashtags to get your ad seen by more eligible employees & the right employee!
  • We also assist with Job Descriptions, Handbook Creation, Human Resources & Administrative Duties With Our Virtual Assistant Packages.
  • Just need your job posted promoted on Twitter, A Twitter Advertising is perfect for job postings!

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Nurturing Your Twitter Brand & Company’s Personality

Nurturing Your Twitter Brand & Company's Personality

If you are a networker, or if you gain leads through Twitter, what is working for you? Make time to introduce yourself to others, spread content, retweet, and to network with others. Twitter is a great way to start a mini buzz to get people interested in your services/products. It is an initialize place to start a short conversation, build teams, and a great foundation. Your Twitter interaction is your company’s personality, how do you think people view you? Are you bright and sunny, snobby, loved, or are you burned out?