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Event Planning Services/Vacations from ShoutOutWithLove, LLC | Square Market

All locations & accommodations are hosted at diamond luxury worldwide resorts. Full price is variable based on individual event needs including venue size, church, Minister, chapel, chaplains, DJ’s, caterer, decorations, florists, photography, videographer, limousines, or other requirements for your specific event, conferences, & meetings.

All holiday vacation packages fully encompass a home away from home environment including refrigerators, dishwasher, pots/pans, silverware, dishes, glassware, blenders, coffee makers, washer/dryers, & more. Accommodation basic prices begin at $100 per night & comfortably fit 4 adults &/or children. Large (2-4 bed) units are available, accommodating up to 10 adults/children. Special rate discounts apply, with date flexibility &/or your able to book holidays 60 maximum days, in advance. Please feel free & contact me directly at 1-407-495-5056 to inquire about your specific pricing needs.


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✩჻★Everyone is potential client
✩჻★You are tweeting globally
✩჻★Use twitter as way to network
✩჻★Twitter is your mini virtual business card
✩჻★Tweeting is similar to a public text message
✩჻Retweet others


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Twitter Shy ?

Not sure what to tweet? Twitter is a public text message – share what you like – just get to tweeting. 

Think about what you would like to share – content – thoughts – ideas – the more you tweet the better you will become.

Sometimes you will even see people having the same thoughts as you as the same time.

One way to get in the flow is to tweet while you are watching your favorite shows, you will chat with other users – about something that you have in common.

This will help to decrease your stage fright.

If you are still not ready – we provide account management and can post on your social media accounts for you
– 1 Social Media Account -1 Month $5.50
1 Social Media Account -3 Months $15.00
All Social Media Accounts 3 Months $30.00


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Are you using Twitter Lists?

What? Why are you not making things easier – You have to create lists on Twitter.

What is so great about adding people to lists?

It makes it easier to find people – especially people who share content that you love. It is easy to look over people you follow on twitter – make a list – that way you will never miss what they share.

For example – if you love entering contests – you could put twitter user’s who share contests into a list.

Or you have people you love to retweet great tech content – create the list- name it – add all those twitter user’s to that list

You can name the lists anything you like – you can create anytime of list you like.

Social media – laughs – charity – sports – north carolina


Customers – potential customers – networking
Lists can be public or private – you have the option to pick

Get to tweeting and engage.


Twitter for #SmallBusiness Virtually Everything By Kavalon


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Twitter for Small Business 

Social Media and your business –

You have opening your business in your city -thinking about joining social media.

Twitter/Social Media is great for growing your business.

You can stay local – bring your website online – and sell online as well.
What an awesome way to grow your brand!
Twitter has around 215+ Million users – each one is your potential customer- word of mouth.


Thank people for sharing your content, retweets – etc.

Share others content and retweet others.

Ask questions – answer other’s questions.

Help people

Do not just share (ME Me Me content) do not just share about your business all day.

Look at other successful brands on Twitter – they are successful because they make customers and potential customers feel special and important -they let them know that they have a voice -and they are interested in everything that they have to say.

Some use giveaways to build engagement – build engagement first then do giveaways. By doing giveaways just to build engagement people are not listening or sharing they are just trying to WIN. Build your engagement – you want your real supporters – to win. Having giveaways and contests is a great way to thank them – they share your information for free! After winning they will share that more because they are excited about your brand.

Please make sure your twitter profile is complete – with your website – and a blurb about your business as well.


Customer Service also helps you to grow your #smallbusiness as well. Virtually Everything By Kavalon

Customer Service also helps you to grow your #smallbusiness as well.

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As we all know bad customer service and word of mouth keeps potential customers away. 
Lets think about a few things: When you receive feedback about your business good or bad – do you ignore it? Make changes?
When hearing repeated feedback – good or bad – do you look for ways to improve?
Always improve – always take that bad feedback and turn it into good feedback.
Make sure when problems arise that the customer knows that you are genuinely concerned and your goal is to fix it for them. During these times the customer wants to be heard and wants action!

Have a good work environment for the employees-offer incentives – such as discounts at gyms, doing small things for employee birthdays, doing things to show your appreciation.