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4 CEOs Successfully Blogging To Reach Their Company’s Target Audience

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4 CEOs Successfully Blogging To Reach Their Company’s Target Audience

Guest Post

By Ashley Wirthlin (@ashleywirthlin)

As a member of a small business team, I’ve had the opportunity to see first hand what is required of a CEO and their team members. I’ve also been able to see the importance of blogging as a small business, and I in turn blog every day. The owner and CEO of the small company I work for also blogs daily, and has many different blogs that he manages.

The blog, a social media tool, serves as an introductory method to start that connection with buyers and customers, and can be a great place to showcase expertise, share information, and give advice. When executed properly and not used solely as an advertising tool, the blog can greatly increase a company’s good WOM (word of mouth).

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Small Business Supporting Small Business

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Small Business Needs?

Shop-local-support-okanagan-small-business First rule of small business: Shop Local.

Recently there was an ad on the local radio for the UPS Small Business Store. According to this advertisement, this is the store you go to for all of your small business needs.

I found that interesting. I also found it a little conflicting. It may be an old fashioned notion, but it is our belief that small businesses need to stick together, support one another and keep it local whenever possible.

This notion was reinforced this past weekend as I stopped to chat with Randy Derksen of Sunridge DeSigns in Armstrong, BC.

Sunridge DeSigns embodies everything we love about small business. Made up of a husband and wife duo, Randy and Debi have built Sunridge from the ground up. They are involved in local initiatives and charitable groups and they are active members in the local Chamber of Commerce…

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Social Media Customer Care Startup, Brand Embassy, Gets $1M Seed To Power A Global Push


UK-based Brand Embassy, a provider of social-media based customer care services to help businesses manage communications with customers via channels such as Facebook and Twitter, has closed a $1 million seed round from two new funds, Rockaway Capital and Spread Capital.

The new investment coincides with an exit for two early Brand Embassy investors: StartupYard, a CEE technology accelerator where Brand Embassy was incubated, and Michal Nydrle, owner of Kindred Group.

We understand that StartupYard saw a 20x return, which it will use to fund a future cohort. If we presume — and it’s only a presumption — that the Prague-based accelerator invested €10k in Brand Embassy to incubate the startup, that’s a €200k return (~$274,000). This was separate from the new $1m raise.

Brand Embassy’s two new investors said they are anticipating global growth thanks to the growing importance of social networks as a customer care channel. Its software-as-a-service…

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10 Visual Steps To Self-Publishing Your Book On Amazon – ReadWrite

Another reason to publish with Amazon’s Kindle platform is the fact that Amazon dominates the “eBook” market.

via 10 Visual Steps To Self-Publishing Your Book On Amazon – ReadWrite.

Billion dollar #SmallBusiness #SocialMedia Mistakes #H2H #Tip –


Billion dollar #SmallBusiness #SocialMedia Mistakes #H2H #Tip

Billion dollar #SmallBusiness #SocialMedia Mistakes #H2H #Tip

Billion dollar #SmallBusiness #SocialMedia Mistakes #H2H #Tip – kavalonthatsme.

Let’s say you are in real estate, home

remodel/repair business and let’s say on twitter

you have 7500 followers but are only

following 400 –

You do not think those 7500 people are

interested in buying a home from you?

Or knows someone who will be buying a home.

A home is something that everyone needs and

as much as we do not like it – we all have

home repairs. Those 7500 people are

following you for a reason – but instead

of treating them like humans –

and as if they do not have any value –

you have lost a potential ($15,00.000,000 -if all 7500 purchased a home from you – at around average price of $200,000)

Now imagine that this is your niche – what is your potential revenue lost?

You determine how big your small business grows,

you determine its impact and success.

Not treating people like humans, and by not

engaging you are losing money. I am sure

you are in business to make money.

Stop treating people like blank checks.

If you a good to people – they will be good to you – it will not matter where you are located – they will only want to do business with you! Get people fired up about your business, get them excited, engage them, listen to them. A follower’s worth is priceless, but you turning that follower into an engaged potential

client – to an actual client -and then to also have that client’s friends and family as clients! That is what a valuable business is about!

Deadly Vows: Robert Marsh: #Horro Books


Deadly Vows: Robert Marsh: 9781425948122: Books.

Layered Pearl Necklace Bridal Pearl Necklace June by @kiaaura

Layered Pearl Necklace Bridal Pearl Necklace June by @kiaaura

Smoky Topaz Necklace Topaz Dangle Necklace Silver by MiskiaD

Smoky Topaz Necklace Topaz Dangle Necklace Silver by MiskiaD

Tweet from @Powerful_Pics

See on Scoop.itSmall Business

Differently Able “@Powerful_Pics: Disability is not inability!”;

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Survey: ‘Hyper Growth’ Small Businesses Spending More on Social Media – Fox Business

See on Scoop.itSmall Business

Survey: ‘Hyper Growth’ Small Businesses Spending More on Social Media
Fox Business
For a majority of small business owners, social media sites aren’t just for catching up with high school friends or digesting the latest headlines.

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