Is Self Promotion Hurting Your Potential Sales? Virtually Everything By Kavalon


I am seeing more social media accounts – that are not providing any engagement.

They are doing heavy self-promotion. Nothing is wrong with self-promotion – but you can not expect anyone to become a new client. We are in the virtual world- you have to show & communicate to others, build trust, and network (promote and help others).

Just give it a try – cut down your self-promotion by half – then engage your audience – share posts that are in relation to your niche – join chats – answer questions about your niche – ask questions – – Do this for 1 Month – and you will start to notice changes.

Do not run your potential customers away with self-promotion – potential customers may feel as if you are selfish and only concerned with making a sale, they want to know they you will provide superior customer service as well.

Provide and great service/product/ etc- can speak for itself – but your customers are your word of mouth – virtually, locally, globally.

Please utilize social media in a better way – when you start to do this great things will happen – remember the reasons that brought you to social media – there are no shortcuts – it is consistency everyday. Get creative – standout – grow your brand & have fun!


Virtually Everything By Kavalon.

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