Do not be a #socialmedia snob #smallbusines #tips #sales #customerservice


Why are you coming on social media and alienating people you could be making sales to? If you are selling a product – service etc – any and everyone is your potential CUSTOMER! Taking your twitter and social media serious is great but when you start ignoring other users and acting as if they do not have money to spend – – not good- do not become a social media snob. You bring your business online to expand – increase revenue etc. If you would not ignore people who come into your actual physical business – why would you treat people like that on social media? Treat people on social media as if they are prospective buyers in your actual business!
Usually when you are networking with some people they are in the same business as you – – you are wanting to also network, talk, to others outside of your niche – to bring in those new sales and create lifelong customers. 
You have to get out of your comfort zone – you have to get out of the niche barrier.
Spreading great content is great – but being personable – and spreading word of mouth (virtually and locally) will help to grow that revenue!

View the infographics and see the amount of people on social media and all of these people are your prospective clients, or will spread word of mouth about you.

Please do not think that the kids on social media can not help to grow your business – they have parents, aunts, uncles, who are social media who may need your service/product.

Word of mouth is still everything!

Be nice – be concise – be helpful and be consistent!

{{ Great Twitter Infographic and Social Media… – Virtually Everything By Kavalon.

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