#EmpireAvenue + #SmallBusiness = Social Media Success

In October 2009 working toward my doctorate, just had to get a minor surgery out of the way. My thyroid was so enlarged I could barely swallow, I had Grave’s disease. The doctor was going to remove my thyroid entirely, a very simple procedure I think it was just an overnight stay. I was at the hospital for around a week, the doctor’s said they were waiting for my ‘levels’ to return to normal, they acted very weird. Now I understand what was going on. They removed some of my important glands during the surgery and my levels never returned to normal, I went in for 1 condition and came out with 4. Not being able to work outside of the home and not being able to return to school I was depressed. Work and learning is very important to me, and you have to make a living. Days went by and I became sicker and sicker. I could not do the things I once did with my daughter. Slowly I was able to conform into the new me, gradually pulling myself out of the depression.

I began chatting with people who were sick as well, it was good to be able to reach out to others and talk, but then I was depressed because all we talked about was being sick! Then I chatted in chat rooms and most of them talked about why I could not do what they were able to do. Finally one day I stumbled upon Twitter! I was able to share my thoughts and ideas and not be put into a box per se. Before long I was networking with other people, and then I brought my professional experience online. At first I was not able to be online that much, I would get fatigued.

I had my own business for about 4 years before I found out about Empire. What I like about Empire, is that I provide budget social media services that is my niche, and Empire fits in my budget. Empire helps me gives my clients that boosts that they need. Empire has helped me to grow client’s social media accounts, helped me with social media engagement, and helped me to keep my prices low and competitive.

On a personal level I enjoy all of the contacts from Empire, being able to network with people on all levels, getting tips and conversing, it is like a networking seminar everyday! I am sure if I was not on Empire I would not be able to rub elbows with some leaders, and some would not even see my content, that is just how important empire is. It gets your content seen, shared and read! This is a platform for serious like minded individuals looking to cultivate their marketing, small business, music, brand, etc.

beastmode3Anyone will benefit doing the missions, it is a great way to meet new people, and find great content to share and stay on top of the latest everything from social media, science, healthcare to tech. Everyone puts so much work into their content, take a little bit of time to share it. Especially when people are sharing your content as well, remember how hard you worked on yours. You can build great relationships when doing missions, our friends on empire let us know a little bit about them with each mission that they do. If you are thinking about joining empire please do, and please run missions so we can get to know you and your content as well. Empire will help you be successful with social media!

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