Let’s talk about Hashtags

Let’s talk about Hashtags.


Hashtags are used what the post is about and keywords that would be used to potentially find you. It is about that much needed visibility and of course expanding your reach.


When hashtagging use relevant tags, tags that any potential person may use to find you. Start to think like the consumer. Do not become nonchalant, use those keywords, what is the post about, who are you talking/selling to, can you mention any descriptors -this is what people look for when searching online.


With the picture I posted how would you tag it? With the description of 1980s turquoise gold ring size 8 What do you think the consumer would search for to find this product?


#Bluering #bluejewelry #goldjewelry #goldring #80sring #vintage #vintagejewelry #size8 #size8ring #turquoisering #FreeShipping #Stackingrings #aquablue #druzy #druzyring #bluedruzyring Then you can go add in your state, country, if you are selling on a platform like #etsy – and go in and add your teams and your business branding #kavalon


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  1. your post on hashtags doesn’t have a # in the tweet! lol

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