Confused by Etsy titles and Tags

The title is the headline, it pulls people in or turns them away-
=Still seeing confusion about how to create Etsy titles( titles on any site). And people who are seeing no or low sales, not understanding that titles need to be revised. The picture is from Etsy guide. It shows the incorrect way then an example of how to correct the title.
Titles such as -teacher shirt, teacher gift, gift for teacher… Google does not want repetition, just one clear title describing to the customer what the item is. Some have revised their listings, now they are to short and do not have the important critical seo in the title. Revising the title you are keeping all the important information, you are making the title into a clear, readable sentence.
Keep in mind when revising how it will appear on Google, only about 60 characters will appear in the search.
For each item you list you have the chance to be unique with the seo.
When doing tags make sure it matches what is on the page. If not people when come to the page and leave. The tags needs to describe what you are selling. Between making a great descriptive headline and tags, this helps to get you found. You can not always follow what other shops are doing, different products, marketing etc. It is not a secret/roadmap/blueprint.. you have to follow etsy and Google rules …that’s it!!
Example – Teacher mug, preschool teacher gift, funny teacher mug, coffee mug with sayings… Revise: Funny teacher mug with saying… ( you can play around with title figure out which phrases work and are ranked best) then create titles. If it us over saturated get creative – funny teacher coffee mug (7938) not as saturated as the others. Or cute teacher mugs.
People are spending more money doing ads instead of fixing the titles.

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