Why customers are not finding you on Etsy

If you are still creating titles such as silver jewelry, wedding jewelry, date night jewelry, pendant jewelry….this is why you have less traffic. This is title stuffing this goes against Google’s rules. Where does most of Etsy’s traffic come from….Google.
Etsy sent out the email detailing the errors with the titles and how to fix it. Actually we are saying it is a new algorithm but Etsy never wanted us making titles like this and they are enforcing it. I have talked with many shop owners some have said they are working with a mentor. Honey that mentor is teaching you wrong. Yet still complain about why the shop is dark and when you visit the shop you see the title is stuff more than a Thanksgiving turkey….those are your tags…. . Make one clear concise title. If you are not going to follow etsy rules, then get angry cause you do not want to correct what they have told you to fix….. these mentors are preying on your ignorance…. I have have handled social media marketing for 10 years, I have never seen people this stuck in their ways even after the company has told them …No traffic no sales

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