Why customers are not finding you on Etsy

If you are still creating titles such as silver jewelry, wedding jewelry, date night jewelry, pendant jewelry….this is why you have less traffic. This is title stuffing this goes against Google’s rules. Where does most of Etsy’s traffic come from….Google.
Etsy sent out the email detailing the errors with the titles and how to fix it. Actually we are saying it is a new algorithm but Etsy never wanted us making titles like this and they are enforcing it. I have talked with many shop owners some have said they are working with a mentor. Honey that mentor is teaching you wrong. Yet still complain about why the shop is dark and when you visit the shop you see the title is stuff more than a Thanksgiving turkey….those are your tags…. . Make one clear concise title. If you are not going to follow etsy rules, then get angry cause you do not want to correct what they have told you to fix….. these mentors are preying on your ignorance…. I have have handled social media marketing for 10 years, I have never seen people this stuck in their ways even after the company has told them …No traffic no sales


Confused by Etsy titles and Tags

The title is the headline, it pulls people in or turns them away-
=Still seeing confusion about how to create Etsy titles( titles on any site). And people who are seeing no or low sales, not understanding that titles need to be revised. The picture is from Etsy guide. It shows the incorrect way then an example of how to correct the title.
Titles such as -teacher shirt, teacher gift, gift for teacher… Google does not want repetition, just one clear title describing to the customer what the item is. Some have revised their listings, now they are to short and do not have the important critical seo in the title. Revising the title you are keeping all the important information, you are making the title into a clear, readable sentence.
Keep in mind when revising how it will appear on Google, only about 60 characters will appear in the search.
For each item you list you have the chance to be unique with the seo.
When doing tags make sure it matches what is on the page. If not people when come to the page and leave. The tags needs to describe what you are selling. Between making a great descriptive headline and tags, this helps to get you found. You can not always follow what other shops are doing, different products, marketing etc. It is not a secret/roadmap/blueprint.. you have to follow etsy and Google rules …that’s it!!
Example – Teacher mug, preschool teacher gift, funny teacher mug, coffee mug with sayings… Revise: Funny teacher mug with saying… ( you can play around with title figure out which phrases work and are ranked best) then create titles. If it us over saturated get creative – funny teacher coffee mug (7938) not as saturated as the others. Or cute teacher mugs.
People are spending more money doing ads instead of fixing the titles.


If you are a business having a pinterest business page will breakdown the analytics for you.

Pinterest audience size has grown to over 180k. If you are a business having a pinterest business page will breakdown the analytics for you. It will tell you what your most clicked on words are. That is a great way to shape a marketing plan. It can show you where to spend that money for marketing. Knowing what customers are clicking on most you can highlight those items because you already have the interest. You have to complete the sell.
📌Pinterest is it’s own site just like tumblr and other sites. If your item is not pinned to the site the pingers on the site can not find you.

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Looking to grow traffic to your blog


Boat Baskets #Etsy @Private_Dock


Boat Basket X 10 FREE SHIPPING!!! Home Decor, Desk Organizer, Table Decor, Dedroom Decor, Fabric Basket. Fabulous Gift for Your Home!

The Boat Basket is made ​​with love from canvas is quilted on the lining, the bottom is finished with soft lining. Boat at the bow have a mooring rope and wooden buoy. Boats are made from:

Materials: cotton, canvas, cotton rope / Available colors: many variation of blue and white strips
Dimensions of the boat:
height of 12cm (5 “) width x 35 / 15cm (14” / 6 “)

European Union – 5-7 days
United States – 7-10 days
Everywhere Else – 10-14 days

Purchase includes only the product, the artist always retains the copyright of the project. Copying, dissemination without permission is a violation of them.