Martha Stewart is a Craft Icon, I absolutely love seeing her ideas and inspiration.

We can create the chandelier of your imagination, great way to add theme, classic style, and just all around uniqueness.

Great for any type of event, from baby shower, wedding, holidays, party, home decor, bedroom, bathroom, etc.

Chandelier decorations can be pomanders, beads, crystal beads, lanterns, Moroccan style, bohemian style, starfish, birds, flowers, gems, string lights, candles with lights, one color flowers, variety of flowers, ribbons, lace, color themes, array of beads and color options, butterfly, stars, send me your inspiration.


We hang mason jars and put in lights, tealights, or we can add a scene and candle 

We can make one tier or multiple tiers, circle, square, heart and etc.


Please contact us for your customization, pricing and sizes. Prices list

are just a few options.


If you enjoy chandelier earrings, we can create chandeliers from that type of inspiration.

marthastewartinspiredchandlier marthastewartinspiredchandlier2 marthastewartinspiredchandlier3 marthastewartinspiredchandlier4 marthastewartinspiredchandlier5 marthastewartinspiredchandlier6 marthastewartinspiredchandlier8

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1 Tier Embellished Chandeliers $75

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2 Tier Embellished Chandeliers $100


  1. How much is the starfish chandelier?

  2. $100

  3. Those lanterns are so beautiful! :O
    Keep in touch. I’ll feature your products on my blog sometime.

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