Will we be able to search content by Klout Scores? Virtually Everything By Kavalon


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Have you discovered your Klout score?

People are taking their klout scores more seriously. It measures your social influence!

I believe we are coming closer to days where you will be able to search sites by using Klout scores (Such as only seeing users who klout scores range between 65-75 – or between 80-83)
– Why? It is believed that people with higher klout scores are more trusting and have more influence – they are aware of their brand – and they are not just going to put just anything out on Social Media.
People work hard on their klout scores and they work hard to grow them.
How do you grow your klout score?
Engagement – you want to engage people with what you are sharing!

If you are sharing (Me Me Me Me) content – most likely you will not be engaging anyone.
To engage:
Ask questions
Provide tips
Help others
Share others information

As we say it is consistency – every single day!

When we help build others- we are also building ourself!
klout.com/ <- Discover your Klout today.

Currently my Klout score is 67 – it was a 71 – why did my score drop?
I have not been utilizing instagram and I had a lot of engagement – and I have not been using Google + as much.

What is your score – post it them in the comments – how do you think you can raise your klout score?