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3 Reasons why you are not getting sales with your websites and Etsy, Ebay Online Shops Success with Social Selling Ebay, Etsy @KavalonThatsme

How has online selling worked for you so far? Are you enjoying it? I enjoy selling online, I love the friendliness, and helping customers. But have your sales stalled?

Did your sales stall or have you not had any sales at all? Please remember that just because you are not getting sales does not mean that you or your product is not good enough. Social selling takes time, please have patience to showcase what you have to offer the world, we need YOU.

(1) Reason 1 why you are not getting sales on your website – because you are a newbie. Please keep in my I am only referring to websites, not etsy, ebay, or amazon. If you created a website and you are not getting any sales, it is because you have not built and created trust. I am assuming that your pictures, content, and other facets of your website is spectacular. People visiting your website, new customers do not know who you are they found you, they do not know if you are a pop up shop or if you are a legitimate business. So you are like well Kavalon how do I get sales then, I am putting myself out here.

How to get sales with newly created website: One thing you need to do is put your items on a trusted site, such as etsy, amazon, ebay, to name a few.

But Kavalon they charge me for posting and I am not to sure I need to watch my expenses. These costs are small, and they will immensely assist you in building trust, building your brand, and growing your business. People will visit a site they trust to purchase from and if you are not on that site, you will not be found. You have hidden yourself. People know that when you bring your business to these places you are serious and that is one of the first ways to start building trust and turning yourself into a legitimate paying taxes business. You can post all of your items on one of these type of shops or you can post your top selling items. After a customer buys you can direct them to your website where you have other items listed they may be interested in and offer them a special to go directly to your site or if they refer a friend.

Shop local first: Another way to get sales to your website is friends and family they are usually your first brand promoters and sharers on social media. Make sure you showing them your latest projects, what you have made, and what you are working on. With friends and family sharing it also helps to build trust. It will also show how much time and love you put into what you do. Make sure you start in your community. Attend those community events and showcase what you have! If you are on a site join teams, build bonds and share each other work. You will never know what the cost of a share is.

(2) Reason you are not getting any sales – I have talked about this before, TITLES! This is what pulls the customer in, if you are not excited about your product the customer can tell, and that will definitely turn them away. If the title is something similar to this: Sterling silver ring, women sterling silver ring, gift idea ring, mother’s day gift ring, Christmas present idea ring – this . . . . . no . . .. please. Get excited, what makes this product great. That should be your title, summarize everything in the title. The rest use as your keywords to be found. Think like the consumer, have you bought from shops with these titles? Would that turn you away?

Make sure you are utilizing the description, you do not want it to be a book but give them enough information that describes to them what they are looking at. Please remember you are online they can not touch this product yet. Let them know why they should have this item in there home, why do they need it, why did you create it, why is it special? Then make sure you fill out tags, tags that correspond with what you made, what words are people using to find you, that’s your tags.

Almost make sure other areas of your shop are complete as well the about section, shipping information. Make sure you take the time to share a little bit about you. Utilize the pictures. Make sure you have more than 1 picture posted of the item. Front, back, side, on a person.

(3) Reasons you are not getting any sales offer free shipping. I know you are thinking Kavalon, really? Yes how many times have your not purchased the item because of the shipping? Add the shipping into the cost of the item if applicable. People always want to think they are getting a deal. I found this item for $42 and the shipping was free! When people are already paying for an item they do not want to pay for shipping as well. It is just how our minds think. The item can be $40 and shipping and handling can be $15 – that is a total of $55 spent – or you can post it for $55 or $56 and offer free shipping – same difference but that free shipping sounds like a better deal.

Or you can offer free shipping during the holiday or 15% during the holiday season. You want them to visit your shop, see your great product, then be wowed when it is free shipping as well. You do not want free shipping to be the first thing that they see. You want the benefits stacked. -great title that brought them in – interesting description -a product they can not refuse -and then to make matters better they receive free shipping or discount with purchase. Talk about a happy customer.

I have provide social media marketing since 2009 to etsy, ebay, authors, music, youtube and array of talented entrepreneurs .


Your ego should never be bigger than your social interaction #SocialMedia #SmallBusiness-Virtually Everything By Kavalon

Socially Speaking – kavalonthatsme.

By kavalonthatsme 06 March 2014 01:14:00 UTC

People feel when you connect with them on Social Media – that you are there just to hear all about them in a sense you are – but you are also hoping for interaction – its only human and we are human.

Then these same people, who only talk about themselves on social media, start to wonder why they do not have any engagement, sales, new clients, interest. . .

They are not making themselves available to interact – they are just broadcasting. Everyone has the feeling of wanting to be heard. Why are you not hearing, interacting, with the people who have followed you? Why have you not taken the time to acknowledge them? It is not difficult to watch your social media streams and jump into conversation.

I also hear people say that they do not want to use this site or that site to help them with exposure because ‘those people’ are not interested in what I am saying.

WHAT! They are not interested in you, have you ever thought about being interested in them?

Stop worrying about who is listening to you and start listening to others!

People are so worried about who they follow – and who is going to spread their message – and who is listening to them that they do not spread others messages – or retweet , like, share, others – no engagement – narcissism is only about them.

Have you ever noticed after you connected with someone on social media?

They treat you any kind of way – they push all kinds of things in your face- fowl language or even a bully.

They do a lot to get the connection but when it comes to engagement they are striking out.

To the narcissists we know it’s all about you – so much so that most do not follow back –

If you need that much attention and reaffirmed– I am sure that your mother and family can help you to feel loved. But with social media this is a business (If you are bringing your business and or brand online).

You would think if you came onto social media to increase your revenue that you would do everything you could.

Imagine if some of these celebrities followed back most of their followers- and interacted with them – not just posted updates about themselves – what if they treated their followers like humans. They say they love their 30 million fans but only follow 2,000 of them, these fans are the people who purchased their talent, buy everything doll, book, movie with them in it, but they will not interact with them on social media. The same people who helped to make you will also turn their back on you. They say things such as “I do not want to follow to many people and clutter up my stream” Create lists! It is just foreign to me to be in that type of situation and not follow back as many people as I could daily. I would eternally be amazed that they purchased my music etc, came to my shows, now has liked or followed me on social media. Your ego should never be bigger than your social interaction!

This is social media – if you are just talking, talking about yourself that is not social – –

You could stand in a mirror and accomplish that.


Yes – Sharing articles about our niche is great – but do our potential customers even understand the wealth of information that we are sharing?

Broadcasting to people who do not understand social media and why they need it for their brand and or business.

Since we have these newbie’s on social media, people who have been scammed by ‘Social Media Lords’ –Social Media Marketing is becoming spam and a scam! If a person does not understand something, they feel as if it is a scam. Social media marketing has become like a restaurant – I do not like this one let’s try this one – which is great but the market is flooded with gurus who are leading them nowhere.

It’s time we stop using social media jargon all the time, we also need to speak to the new social media users. We need to get them to understand that there are good and bad apples out there and we also need to show them why social media is critical for their business!

When you do get that client they may be a bit stubborn and narcissistic. This is the texting age- they do not understand engagement – it seems as if everyone is accustomed to instant gratification – text get a reply back. Hit play whatever plays. When I do ‘’ “ this happens now! Some people do not understand the facets and the work that goes into your business/brand. But we with them connecting with the correct social media consultant it will help them to grow and engage.

I just want to the people who are serious about social media to understand that it is so much more going on than you. This seems what so many are missing.


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Interview Blog Talk Radio

Author Robert Marsh 03/01 by Dr Wright | Books Podcasts.


Automatically Sharing from #Facebook To #Twitter #Tip #SmallBusiness #SmallBiz #TMW- Virtually Everything By Kavalon

#Tip #Facebook #Smallbiz #SmallBusiness Is your… – Virtually Everything By Kavalon.

‪#‎Tip‬ ‪#‎Facebook‬ ‪#‎Smallbiz‬ ‪#‎SmallBusiness‬
Is your facebook connected to your twitter?
Everytime you post statuses on facebook do they automatically go to twitter?
If so please make sure you write something descriptive in the status box on facebook – do not leave it blank. If you leave it blank it shows on twitter as just a link – no one know what type of valuable information you have shared.

Please write a blurb – by doing this – it gets people interested in your facebook (growing your friends and likes), wanting to hear your message – and this will grow your engagement.
By sharing from facebook to twitter – you are sharing little teasers that spark interest!

Twitter is for networking and facebook is for sharing and discussing!

Write in a small descriptive blurb-that way when you share on twitter -everyone will know what you are sharing

If you do not enter a blurb - you will just have a link - no one can find you or know what type of great info you shared!


SOHI – Me & Mine Pt.III: No Facade #DatPiff @ExplorerEnt @achieve442

 L. Hill, SOHI – Me & Mine Pt.III: No Facade // Free Mixtape @



Will we be able to search content by Klout Scores? Virtually Everything By Kavalon


Timeline Photos – Virtually Everything By Kavalon.

Have you discovered your Klout score?

People are taking their klout scores more seriously. It measures your social influence!

I believe we are coming closer to days where you will be able to search sites by using Klout scores (Such as only seeing users who klout scores range between 65-75 – or between 80-83)
– Why? It is believed that people with higher klout scores are more trusting and have more influence – they are aware of their brand – and they are not just going to put just anything out on Social Media.
People work hard on their klout scores and they work hard to grow them.
How do you grow your klout score?
Engagement – you want to engage people with what you are sharing!

If you are sharing (Me Me Me Me) content – most likely you will not be engaging anyone.
To engage:
Ask questions
Provide tips
Help others
Share others information

As we say it is consistency – every single day!

When we help build others- we are also building ourself! <- Discover your Klout today.

Currently my Klout score is 67 – it was a 71 – why did my score drop?
I have not been utilizing instagram and I had a lot of engagement – and I have not been using Google + as much.

What is your score – post it them in the comments – how do you think you can raise your klout score?


Social Media -Twitter-Contest -Giveaways Small Biz Tip

Some use giveaways to build engagement – build engagement first then do giveaways. By doing giveaways just to build engagement people are not listening or sharing they are just trying to WIN. Build your engagement – you want your real supporters – to win. Having giveaways and contests is a great way to thank them – they share your information for free! After winning they will share that more because they are excited about your brand.Image


DREW: Delivering Real Estate Wealth » Stop needing people, and make them need you!

DREW: Delivering Real Estate Wealth » Stop needing people, and make them need you!.

Stop needing people, and make them need you!

Posted by Andrew Johnson
Stop needing people, and make them need you!
Pyramid Expansion is a technique I devised for networking and promoting yourself in real estate. The theory is simple in design, but can be complicated to execute.

Think of it like this: we’ve all been taught in sales that we want to know the boss, the higher-ups, the bank presidents, the county commissioners, etc. Indeed, striving to connect with the people at the top of the business pyramid should be a priority, so long as you don’t miss valuable opportunities along the way.

I spent an entire day in a class several years ago examining the importance of growing your business by gaining access to the people at the top of various pyramids. The class concept concerned how to get to the top and stay there. I remember sitting there thinking: This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard—what about all the people on the way up—the bank tellers; the sweet older woman at the tax office; the guy issuing car loans; the small-town builder. These are the people that touch lives. These folks are in contact with the everyday people that need my services.

Absolutely, I’d like to think that I could work up to the top guy on the pyramid, but how could I do that without building a foundation of solid people that support me because I’ve done them a service? And when you make it, who do you think will be the first people in line to endorse you?

Sales is so married to instant gratification—the quick dollar for the fast minute. If you’re committed to building your business as fast and furious as possible, you’re going to fail. Your foundation, or the lack thereof, will crumble. You simply can’t make it in this business without developing your own network, your own process, and your own support system. You can’t use someone else’s. That’s not how it works.

I’m going to pose this question to everyone who reads this, and I encourage you to think about it and comment. Is your network really yours? It’s a tough question, but ask yourself: How do I sell real estate? Are you dependent on someone or something around you? Maybe you rely on a team, or a team leader, for leads. Maybe your company provides you with listing and buyer leads. Maybe you’re dependent on the RE/MAX balloon, whatever that is.

If you are not making money off of action you generate, you’re merely setting yourself up to fail. We need to stop building our careers around people we need, and start cultivating connections with people that need us.