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Hermes Lu Togo Corporal Canoe Genuine Leather

1.2 Ctw Diamonds 14k Gold Engagement Ring

Designer Fashions, Jewelry, Purses, Diamond Rings, Mens Watches.


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Social Media Window Shopping

Bringing your business into the virtual world – having a business page – ‘fan page’ ‘likepage’ – this is equal to a potential customer window shopping. You want to do everything you can on the outside to bring them in the inside. But once inside your establishment do you keep that energy flowing? 
When a potential customer/client ‘likes’ your page and or post – this is the time to start a conversation. If this potential person comes back day after day without any interaction – you will lose them – the same goes for if they are in your establishment and you ignore them. Not interacting with your clients once they have liked your page is like them being in your store and you talking over them – they are INVISIBLE – which means you may be invisible one day – Interact with the people who are liking your pages, post, sharing your content- they are giving you free traffic and they are supporting you. Plus they are potential customers. You have to understand that when you have an online business, you have to interact -why are they going to be your customer. I like to look at the situation from my mother’s point of view- she rarely buys online – she wants to go to the store she wants something tangible! This is why it is great to start local – then bring your business online – letting your local customers know that now they can visit you online – 
But why would they visit you online if you are local – 1) Save time 2) Discounts 3) Take more time to make a informed buying decisions and many other reasons. They love having the choice!
Then having that website is great to reach customers that are not local – this is how you get leads from social media – twitter, facebook, pinterest and etcImage