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Is your facebook connected to your twitter?
Everytime you post statuses on facebook do they automatically go to twitter?
If so please make sure you write something descriptive in the status box on facebook – do not leave it blank. If you leave it blank it shows on twitter as just a link – no one know what type of valuable information you have shared.

Please write a blurb – by doing this – it gets people interested in your facebook (growing your friends and likes), wanting to hear your message – and this will grow your engagement.
By sharing from facebook to twitter – you are sharing little teasers that spark interest!

Twitter is for networking and facebook is for sharing and discussing!

Write in a small descriptive blurb-that way when you share on twitter -everyone will know what you are sharing

If you do not enter a blurb - you will just have a link - no one can find you or know what type of great info you shared!


Social Media -Twitter-Contest -Giveaways Small Biz Tip

Some use giveaways to build engagement – build engagement first then do giveaways. By doing giveaways just to build engagement people are not listening or sharing they are just trying to WIN. Build your engagement – you want your real supporters – to win. Having giveaways and contests is a great way to thank them – they share your information for free! After winning they will share that more because they are excited about your brand.Image