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DREW: Delivering Real Estate Wealth » Stop needing people, and make them need you!

DREW: Delivering Real Estate Wealth » Stop needing people, and make them need you!.

Stop needing people, and make them need you!

Posted by Andrew Johnson
Stop needing people, and make them need you!
Pyramid Expansion is a technique I devised for networking and promoting yourself in real estate. The theory is simple in design, but can be complicated to execute.

Think of it like this: we’ve all been taught in sales that we want to know the boss, the higher-ups, the bank presidents, the county commissioners, etc. Indeed, striving to connect with the people at the top of the business pyramid should be a priority, so long as you don’t miss valuable opportunities along the way.

I spent an entire day in a class several years ago examining the importance of growing your business by gaining access to the people at the top of various pyramids. The class concept concerned how to get to the top and stay there. I remember sitting there thinking: This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard—what about all the people on the way up—the bank tellers; the sweet older woman at the tax office; the guy issuing car loans; the small-town builder. These are the people that touch lives. These folks are in contact with the everyday people that need my services.

Absolutely, I’d like to think that I could work up to the top guy on the pyramid, but how could I do that without building a foundation of solid people that support me because I’ve done them a service? And when you make it, who do you think will be the first people in line to endorse you?

Sales is so married to instant gratification—the quick dollar for the fast minute. If you’re committed to building your business as fast and furious as possible, you’re going to fail. Your foundation, or the lack thereof, will crumble. You simply can’t make it in this business without developing your own network, your own process, and your own support system. You can’t use someone else’s. That’s not how it works.

I’m going to pose this question to everyone who reads this, and I encourage you to think about it and comment. Is your network really yours? It’s a tough question, but ask yourself: How do I sell real estate? Are you dependent on someone or something around you? Maybe you rely on a team, or a team leader, for leads. Maybe your company provides you with listing and buyer leads. Maybe you’re dependent on the RE/MAX balloon, whatever that is.

If you are not making money off of action you generate, you’re merely setting yourself up to fail. We need to stop building our careers around people we need, and start cultivating connections with people that need us.